The great music city : exploring music, space and identity /

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Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave Macmillan,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource : (2019)


Case studies., Germany, Melbourne (Vic.), Music, New York (State), Social aspects, Texas


Chapter 1: Introduction: The Great Music City, Exploring Music, Space and Identity.Chapter 2: Music cities and the discourse of urban sociability.Chapter 3: Hierarchies of power & influence in the music industry, (London, New York City and Los Angeles).Chapter 4: London: music business capital of the world.Chapter 5: New York City and Los Angeles, the music consumption capitals.Chapter 6: Marvelous (Music) Melbourne (1835 to 1980s).Chapter 7: Austin, Live Music Capital of the World, deep in the heart of Texas (1800s to 2002).Chapter 8: The War and the Wall, Berlin and the divided music city of Exiles (1700s to 1990s).Chapter 9: Battle for the Melbourne Music Capital title (1990s to present).Chapter 10: Keeping Austin Weird, creative resistance against homogenization of the music scene (1992 to present).Chapter 11: Reunified Berlin, battle for the city's music soul (1990s to present).Chapter 12: Melbourne, live music capital of Australia to world domination.Chapter 13: Revitalizing Austin as the live music capital of the world.Chapter 14: Rejuvenation of Berlin, music and technology city.Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.