The seven deadly sins of music making

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Chicago : GIA Publications, Inc.,, United States, p.190 pages : (2020)




(OCoLC)fst01030347, (OCoLC)fst01030374, fast, Instruction and study., Interpretation (Phrasing, dynamics, etc.), Music


Introduction: What are our sins? -- Sin #1: Generic articulation -- Sin #2: Unconvincing dynamics -- Sin #3: Perceiving all rhythms literally -- Sin #4: Being obsessed with tempo markings -- Interlude: Thoughts on our more subtle sins -- Sin #5: Absence of line -- Sin #6: Ignoring the function of silence in music -- Sin #7: Failure to consider the role of proportion -- Conclusion: The artist teacher."What are our musical sins? Are they obvious or subtle? When do we unwittingly commit such transgressions? And above all, how can we avoid them? In this sequel to his acclaimed bestselling book The Artistry of Teaching and Making Music, master teacher and conductor Richard Floyd makes a compelling case for The Seven Deadly Sins of Music Making, which he identifies and expounds upon as the following: articulation, dynamics, rhythms, tempo, line, silence, and proportion. Using dozens of excerpts from the wind band repertoire to illustrate his points, Floyd guides readers through the thorny landscape of our musical wrongdoings, offering wisdom and actionable solutions that lead to, in the words of the author, "a world of artistic, expressive music making that goes beyond the printed page." Though the book addresses the wind band medium specifically, its observations and lessons about music making are universal. Musicians and educators in all disciplines are certain to profit from the nearly six decades of experience Richard Floyd expertly brings to the page."-- Book jacket.