Hidden history of Music Row

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Charleston, SC : The History Press,, United States, p.185 pages : (2020)



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Includes bibliographical references.Intro -- Half title -- Title page -- Copyright -- Contents -- Foreword, by Kix Brooks -- Authors' note -- 1. Your cheatin' heart: Timothy Demonbreun and the street that got his name, by Elkins -- 2. Ladies antebellum: stories from the plantations, by Allison -- 3. The house that fell down, by Olivarez -- 4. The closer to church, the nearer to God: old-time religion, by Elkins -- 5. It all begins with a sound, by Allison -- 6. More than just country, by Elkins -- 7. Worth a thousand words, by Allison -- 8. Bubbles in the fountain, by Allison.9. The outlaws: high times on the Row, by Olivarez -- 10. Music City nocturne, by Allison -- 11. Pop-a-top: tales from dives and honky-tonks, by Olivarez -- 12. Time marches on: changing lanes in the '90s, by Elkins -- 13. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone: lost buildings of the Row, by Elkins -- 14. The stories behind great songs, by Allison, Elkins and Olivarez -- 15. Three chords and the truth: secrets of success, by Olivarez -- Bibliography -- About the authors."Nashville's Music Row is as complicated as the myths that surround it. And there are plenty, from an adulterous French fur trader to an adventurous antebellum widow, from the early Quonset hut recordings to record labels in glass high-rise towers and from "Your cheatin' heart' to 'Strawberry wine.' Untangle the legendary history with never-before-seen photos of Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Kris Kristofferson and Shel Silverstein and interviews with multi-platinum songwriters and star performers. Authors Brian Allison, Elizabeth Elkins and Vanessa Olivarez dig into the dreamers and the doers, the architects and the madmen, the ghosts and the hit-makers that made these avenues and alleys world-famous."--Unedited summary from page [4] of cover.