Die Rheinnixen contra Tristan und Isolde an der Wiener Hofoper : Studien zu Jacques Offenbachs Großer romantischer Oper aus dem Jahr 1864 /

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Baden-Baden : Tectum Verlag,, Volume Band 3, Germany, p.xiii, 277 pages : (2020)

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 263-277).Even 200 years after Jacques Offenbach's birthday on June 20, 1819, research on Richard Wagner's Franco-German antipode of 19th-century music theatre is still characterised by a preponderance of studies on his biography and the libretti of his operas. Here, Anatol Stefan Riemer for the first time takes a close look at Offenbach's compositional technique. The starting point for the analysis is his Great romantic opera "Die Rheinnixen", which in 1864 replaced Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde" from the repertoire of the Vienna Court Opera, and, last but not least, offers interesting insights into Offenbach's technique of the "Erinnerungsmotivik" beyond Wagner's "Leitmotivik".