The rock history reader

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New York : Routledge,, United States, p.xv, 463 pages ; (2019)

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(OCoLC)fst01099204, fast, History and criticism., Rock music, Rock music.


Includes index.Preface; Acknowledgments; Section I The 1950s; Chapter 1 Du-Wop; Chapter 2 "Miss Rhythm" Speaks Out: Ruth Brown on R&B and Covers; Chapter 3 Leiber & Stoller; Chapter 4 "Leer-ics": A Warning to the Music Business; Chapter 5 Chuck Berry: In His Own Words; Chapter 6 Elvis Presley and "The Craze"; Chapter 7 "Elvis Defends Low-Down Style"; Chapter 8 "Experts Propose Study of 'Craze' "; Chapter 9 Earl Palmer and the Heartbeat of Rock 'n' Roll; Chapter 10 The Rock 'n' Roll Audience: "But Papa, It's My Music, I Like It"Chapter 11 The History of Chicano RockChapter 12 "Music Biz Goes Round and Round: It Comes Out Clarkola"; Section II The 1960s; Chapter 13 "The King of Surf Guitar"; Chapter 14 Phil Spector and The Wall of Sound; Chapter 15 The Beatles, Press Conference, 1964; Chapter 16 "U.S. Musicians' Union Says, 'Beatles Stay Home' "; Chapter 17 "Beatlemania Frightens Child Expert"; Chapter 18 "Understanding Dylan"; Chapter 19 "Raga Rock": The Byrds, Press Conference, 1966; Chapter 20 Motown: "A Whiter Shade of Black"; Chapter 21 James Brown: Soul Brother No. 1 505 8 $a Chapter 22 "Goodbye Surfing Hello God!-The Religious Conversion of Brian Wilson"Chapter 23 Rock and the Counterculture; Chapter 24 The FM Revolution: "AM Radio-'Stinking Up the Airwaves' "; Chapter 25 An Interview with Peter Townshend; Chapter 26 Gimme Shelter: Woodstock and Altamont; Section III The 1970s; Chapter 27 "Sweet Baby James": James Taylor Live; Chapter 28 "Cock Rock: Men Always Seem to End Up on Top"; Chapter 29 Carly Simon on Music and the Women's Movement; Chapter 30 "How to be a Rock Critic"; Chapter 31 "Reggae: The Steady Rock of Black Jamaica".Chapter 32 "Roots and Rock: The Marley Enigma"Chapter 33 Dub and the "Sound of Surprise"; Chapter 34 Reflections on Progressive Rock; Chapter 35 "Disco! Disco! Disco?: Four Critics Address the Musical Question"; Chapter 36 "Why Don't We Call It Punk?"; Chapter 37 The Subculture of British Punk; Chapter 38 "The Confessions of a Gay Rocker"; Section IV The 1980s; Chapter 39 Punk Goes Hardcore; Chapter 40 College Rock: "Left of the Dial"; Chapter 41 "Roll Over Guitar Heroes; Synthesizers Are Here"; Chapter 42 "MTV Ruled the World": The Early Years of Music VideoChapter 43 "Molly Hatchet: Celebrity Rate-A-Record"Chapter 44 The Parents Music Resource Center: Statement before Congress; Chapter 45 Heavy Metal and the Highbrow/Lowbrow Divide; Chapter 46 "The Real Thing-Bruce Springsteen"; Chapter 47 Hip Hop Nation; Chapter 48 "Madonna-Finally, a Real Feminist"; Chapter 49 "Can Madonna Justify Madonna?"; Section V The 1990s; Chapter 50 Is As Nasty As They Wanna Be Obscene?; Chapter 51 "Public Enemy's Bomb Squad"; Chapter 52 "The Death of Sampling?"; Chapter 53 "Kurt Cobain and the Politics of Damage"; Chapter 54 "The Problem with Music"Includes bibliographical references and index.