Curating pop : exhibiting popular music in the museum /

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New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic,, United States, p.x, 179 pages ; (2019)

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Curatorship., Exhibitions., Historiography., Music museums, Popular music


Includes bibliographical references and index.List of illustrations -- Acknowledgements -- Curatorial practice in popular music museums: an introduction -- Canonic representations: the celebration of dominant (and hidden) histories -- Selling the museum experience: curation, economies and visitor experience -- Popular music and place: local, national and global stories -- Treating objects like art: curating material culture -- Telling stories; narratives of popular music's past -- Curator subjectivity: influence and bias in popular music exhibitions -- Living history: nostalgia as affective curatorial practice -- Managing the music: sound in the popular music museum -- Beyond the typology: concluding thoughts: References -- Index.Speaks to the rapidly growing interest in the study of popular music exhibitions, which has occurred alongside the increasing number of popular music museums in operation across the world. Focusing on curatorial practices and processes, this book draws on interviews with museum workers and curators from twenty museums globally, including the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, the Experience Music Project in Seattle and the PopMuseum in Prague. Through a consideration of the subjective experiences of curators involved in the exhibition of popular music in museums in a range of geographic locations, This book compares institutional practices internationally, illustrating the ways in which popular music history is presented to visitors in a wider sense.