Culturally responsive choral music education : what teachers can learn from nine students' experiences in three choirs /

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London ; New York, NY : Routledge, United States ; United Kingdom, p.126 pages : (2020)

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Case studies., Choral singing, Culturally relevant pedagogy, Instruction and study, Music, United States


"Routledge Focus" -- taken from front cover.Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction : Premises of Culturally Responsive Teaching -- Culturally Responsive Teaching in the West Side Choir -- Culturally Responsive Teaching in the North Side Choir -- Culturally Responsive Teaching in the South Side Choir -- Lessons Learned From Students' Experiences Across the Three Choirs -- Recommendations and Future Possibilities."Culturally Responsive Choral Music Education visits the classrooms of three ethnically diverse choral teacher-conductors to highlight specific examples of ways that culturally responsive teaching (CRT) can enrich choral music education. Principles of CRT are illustrated in contrasting demographic contexts: a choir serving a sizeable immigrant Hispanic population, a choir with an African American classroom majority, and a choir comprised of students who identify with eighteen distinct ethnicities. Additionally, portraits of nine ethnically diverse students illuminate how CRT shaped their experiences as members of these choral ensembles. Practical recommendations are offered for developing a culturally responsive classroom environment"--