Basic music reference : a guide for non-specialist librarians, library assistants, and student employees

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Middleton, Wis. : Co-published by Music Library Association and A-R Editions,, Volume 8, United States, p.xiii, 123 pages : (2013)



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Music librarianship., Reference librarians, Training of.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Part one: Basic concepts and tools : Distinctive materials: scores and recordings : Know your scores! ; Recordings come in different shapes and sizes -- Languages -- Library catalogs : When to use a library catalog ; How to use a library catalog ; Basic search concepts : Keywords ; Personal names ; Phrase vs. keyword ; Boolean and proximity operated ; Truncation and masking ; Combining concepts ; Controlled vocabulary searching with subjects ; Controlled vocabulary searching with names ; Controlled vocabulary searching with uniform titles ; Classification systems ; Limiting searches by format -- Music reference tools : Guides to music reference literature : When to use one of these music reference guides ; Dictionaries and encyclopedias : What are dictionaries and encyclopedias? ; When should you use dictionaries and encyclopedias? -- Periodical and literature indexes : What are periodical and literature indexes? ; Sidebar: Four-letter words that start with "R" ; When should you use periodical and literature indexes? -- Special indexes and bibliographies : Indexes to dissertations and theses ; Composer indexes ; Song indexes ; Thematic catalogs ; Sidebar: BWV, K., and D. numbers. what are these? ; Composer bibliographies ; Discographies -- Frequently used web sites : Article indexes ; Books ; Classified lists of web sites ; Music discovery ; Obituaries ; Tune identification ; Videos ; Web site search engines -- Wrapping it up -- Part two: Using basic skills to answer frequently asked questions : General reference skills : The reference interview ; Closing the transaction ; Referring reference questions ; Three frequently asked directional questions -- Searching for specific items : Specific works : Uniform titles ; Sidebar: When your catalog doesn't list uniform titles ; Sidebar: finding scores or recordings using work or composer catalog numbers ; Generic uniform titles ; Distinctive uniform titles ; Generic uniform titles and variant popular titles ; Collective uniform titles ; Arrangements ; Sidebar: Browsing uniform titles for arrangements of compositions ; Shorter works ; Orchestral parts ; Art songs and arias ; Sidebar: Using keyword searching for aria and song titles ; Sidebar: high or low voice? ; Sound recordings of art songs and arias ; Popular songs -- Sound recordings by a particular performer or group : Sidebar: music minus one: classical karaoke -- Translation and pronunciation guides ; Questions about serials ; Problems with citations ; Quotations about music or musicians ; Images of manuscripts ; Images of musicians -- Factual and short-answer questions : Contact information ; Dates and obituaries ; Name this tune ; Citation style questions ; Factual information about works -- Topical questions : Researching a particular work ; Analyses of a particular work ; Researching music from a particular country ; Researching musical instruments ; In closing -- Appendix: the Library of Congress classification for music.