Stars of 21st century dance pop and EDM : 33 DJs, producers and singers discuss their careers /

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Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company,, United States, p.ix, 242 pages : (2017)



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2001-2010, 2011-2020, History and criticism., Interviews., Popular music, Singers, Sound recording executives and producers


Includes index."Dance music has seen an unprecedented explosion in the 21st century as a stampede of subgenres, such as dance-pop and EDM (electronic dance music), have come to define the pop music scene worldwide. In this collection of original interviews, 33 hitmakers from 11 countries discuss their lives and careers in this still-unfolding new age"--Alcazar : Andreas Lundstedt (vocalist) -- Dave Audé (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Terri B! : Terri Bjerre (vocalist, songwriter, DJ) -- Bart & Baker : Bart Sampson, Jo Baker (DJs, producers, remixers) -- Bimbo Jones : Lee Dagger, Marc JB (DJs, producers, remixers) -- Ferry Corsten (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Chris Cox (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Darude : Ville Virtanen (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Inaya Day (vocalist, songwriter) -- Deepend : Bob van Ratingen, Falco van den Aker (DJs, producers, remixers) -- Dirtydisco : Lajos (Louis) Polgár (DJ, producer, remixer) -- D.O.N.S./Warp Brothers : Oliver Goedicke (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Freemasons : James Wiltshire, Russell Small (DJs, producers, remixers) -- Xenia Ghali (DJ, producer, songwriter) -- Groove Coverage : DJ Novus (Markus Schaffarzyk), Singer Mell (Melanie Münch) -- Gryffin : Dan Griffith (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Harrison : Harrison Shaw (DJ, producer, remixer, vocalist) -- In-Grid : Ingrid Alberini (vocalist, songwriter) -- Kimberley Locke (vocalist, songwriter) -- Milk & Sugar : Michael K (Mike Milk), Steven Harding (Steven Sugar) (DJs, producers, remixers) -- Sak Noel : Isaac Noell (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Paul Oakenfold (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Suzanne Palmer (vocalist) -- Ralphi Rosario (DJ, producer, remixer) -- Richard Vission (DJ, producer, remixer).