Voice secrets : 100 performance strategies for the advanced singer /

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Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield,, United States, p.xv, 265 pages : (2016)



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Instruction and study., Singing, Vocational guidance.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 219-251) and index.Vocal technique. Stand up straight! Posture and alignment awareness -- Lean on me : appoggio and breath management -- Wax on, wax off : onset and release -- Ring and rumble : resonance -- Riffs and runs : flexibility -- Understand registration : "head" versus "chest" voice -- Be smooth : sempre legato -- "Place" the voice : what does that actually mean? -- Warm up enough (but not too much) -- Know what's really happening : fact versus fiction -- Find your Fach : your sound and psyche -- Shake it! Musings on vibrato -- Always sing on your interest, never your capital -- Try and trust : finding the right teacher.Musicianship. Connect to the page : score study -- Prioritize rhythm : the essence of musicianship -- Master intervals and scale degrees -- Intimately know the piano accompaniment -- Study the orchestration : there won't be trumpets (or will there?) -- Singing in style : cultural context and historical traditions.Vocal health. Libiamo! Water and hydration -- Develop a healthy speaking voice : pitch and breath -- Use straw phonation (and other SOVT exercises) -- Food as fuel not fad : diet matters -- Exercise : your body is your instrument -- Avoid vocally abusive (loud) environments : Can you hear me now? -- Ahem! Avoid clearing your throat : try ujjayi breathing instead -- Phlegm is not your friend (coping strategies) -- Combat acid reflux disease (GERD and LPRD) -- Manage your medications : balancing RX and OTC with TLC -- Embracing bodywork : yes, everyone is doing yoga -- How to work with metal in your mouth : the joy of braces.Practice strategies. Regarding vowels : the rooms in which singers live -- Regarding consonants : the doors that propel singers from room to room -- Be an active participant : go to your lesson with a plan -- Mirror, mirror on the wall : using the mirror as a practice tool -- Train your tongue : freeing codependent articulators -- Johnny One Note : from monotone to legato -- Don't listen to yourself! (or should you?) -- Use a metronome : they aren't just for instrumentalists -- Your focus needs more focus : practice mindfulness -- Whose line is it anyway? Tips for memorization -- Get out of your head and into your body : let's get physical -- Listen intelligently to great recordings -- Viewer be wary : the pleasures and perils of youTube -- Record yourself : I look and sound like that? -- Do you hear what I see? Using spectrographs analysis (VoceVista) -- Be gleeful! Remember that you love to sing! (Just like the kids on Glee!).Language and diction. Singing in English : American versus British diction -- Embrace IPA : singing in foreign languages -- Si canta come si parla : singing in Italian -- Singet nicht in Trauertèonen : singing in German -- Savoir faire : singing in French -- Canto ergo sum : singing in Latin -- Si puedes hablar, puedes cantar : singing in Spanish -- Vek zhivi-vek uchis : singing in Russian -- Explore languages that are off the beaten path -- Know your translation inside and out.Singing classical genres (and singing them well). Go beyond the twenty-four hits : using Italian arie antiche as your foundation -- Brits and Yanks : English and American song -- Lieder of the pack : German art song -- A pretty girl is like a mâelodie : French art song -- Go beyond the big four : art songs in other languages -- Handeling [sic] recitative : singing oratorio -- Vissi d'arte : singing opera -- Utopia unlimited : the joys of light opera -- Collaborate with other musicians through chamber music -- Be HIP : exploring early music -- Extend your technique : the world of avant-garde music -- Approach choral music in a healthy way.Singing CCM (nonclassical) styles. Understand differences between classical and CCM styles -- Belting, body type, and ballet : musical theatre -- Know your mic and your niche : rock and pop music -- Be an instrument of inspiration : gospel -- Standards, structure, and scatting : jazz -- Share your struggles and celebrations : country music -- Conquer the world : global music styles -- Tag along : barbershop harmony -- Be cognizant of the raw facts of the industry.Stage presence. Meditation not medication : combating performance anxiety -- Sing from the heart : Why do you sing? -- Gesticulate! Overcoming fear of gestures -- Express yourself (facially) : somewhere between botox and overacting -- Open up and write it down : taking stage direction -- Interact with your partners onstage : safety and chemistry.Business tips. Don't be a diva : you're not that important -- Always be prepared (and never be late) -- Cultivate an important relationship : getting along with your voice teacher -- Be a gracious collaborator : getting along with your accompanist -- Serve the production not yourself : getting along with your opera director -- Watch and follow : getting along with conductors -- Find your (short-term) fit : auditioning for summer programs -- Yes, you may need another degree : auditioning for graduate school -- Competing without defeating yourself : auditioning for voice competitions -- Represent yourself well on paper : spelling and spacing matter -- Have good communication skills : proofreading and professionalism -- Manage your finances : how not to be a starving singer -- Professional choral singing can be rewarding -- Stay in touch with your art form through teaching -- Be resourceful : use every tool at your disposal.