Contemporary research in music learning across the lifespan : music education and human development /

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New York ; London : Routledge,, Volume 4, United States, p.xii, 260 pages : illustrations ; (2017)

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Instruction and study, Music


Includes bibliographical references and index.Development in music education : a lifelong learning perspective / Jennifer A. Bugos -- Psychosocial theory and the lifespan of a successful music teacher / Steven N. Kelly -- The use of activity theory as an analytical tool for music learning processes / Martin Faulty & Victoria Kinsella -- The role of self-efficacy on learning in music education success / Rebecca Kasang -- Redefining music literacy : common core to common score / Steve Oare, Elaine Bernstorf, & Selim Giray -- Music teachers in Botswana as lifelong learners through action research / Sheelagh Chadwick -- Brief focused inquiry (BFI) : a strategy for small-scale research studies across the lifespan / Bernie W. Andrews and Laura Nemoy -- Infants' home soundscape : a day in the life of a family / Eugenia Costa-Giomi & Xiaoning Sun -- A two-year study on young children's interactivity with an iPad app : The carnival of the animals (COA) / Catherine Ming Tu -- Music performance anxiety in elementary music / Johnathan Kladder -- Relationship between singing, cultural understanding and racial attitude : a cross-cultural study in Brazil, Canada, China and Kenya / Lily Chen-Hafteck, Alda Oliveira, Zuraida Bastião, Angelita Brook, Elizabeth Andango, Arla Good, & Yue Xiao -- Examining correlations when using Amabile's consensual assessment technique to support validity of teachers as expert judges / Patrick K. Cooper -- Aural skills assessment in young adult musicians : results of a harmony and word N-Back task / Jennifer A. Bugos -- Motor-aural synchronization in adolescent music students / Corin T. Overland -- Self-regulated practice behaviors in adolescent musicians / Kim Mieder -- Relationships of background experience and music teaching style with conducting functions : theoretical and perceptual implications / Alan J. Gumm -- College and community choir member views of an intergenerational ensemble / Jill Wilson -- Ethnography of a southern roots music community : field, swamp and internet / Susan Mills -- Exploring connections between the music classroom and lifelong music engagement / Will Dabback -- Promoting well-being in older citizens through musical engagement : implications for teaching / Susan Hallam and Andrea Creech.