Making diaspora in a global city : South Asian youth cultures in London /

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Kim, Helen,


New York : Routledge,, Volume 10, United States, p.136 pages ; 24 cm. (2015)

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England, Music, Popular music, Social aspects, South Asians, Youth


"The exciting diasporic sounds of the London Asian urban music scene are a cross-section of the various genres of urban music that include bhangra "remix," R & B and hip hop styles, as well as dubstep and other "urban" sample-oriented electronic music. This book brings together a unique analysis of urban underground music cultures in exploring just how members of this "scene" take up space in "upper-diverse" London. It provides a fresh perspective on the creativity of British South Asian youth culture, and makes a significant sociological intervention into this area by bringing the focus back onto urgent issues of "race" ethnicity alongside class and gender within youth cultural studies"--Includes bibliographical references and index.Don't talk, just dance : fieldwork in the club and elsewhere -- How "Desi" is "Desi?" : the making of London's Desi diasporic identities -- "Brown boys doing it like this?" : the neo-liberal politics of the Asian scene -- Bombay Bronx : space, capital and cultural production and the Asian urban scene -- "No caps, no all male groups!" : the regulation of Asians in London clubs.