Music in our lives : why we listen, how it works /

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Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland,, United States, p.v, 197 pages ; (2015)

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Music, Psychological aspects., Social aspects.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 181-192) and index.Writing on music -- What is music? -- Where does music come from? -- Innateness -- Character -- Shape -- Transience -- Language -- Nature -- Folk music -- Art music -- Consumer music -- Creativity -- Music-making -- Mind -- Listening -- Ownership -- Prejudice and tolerance -- Religion -- Spirituality.Music research has entered something of a Golden Age. Technological advances and scholarly inquiry have merged in interdisciplinary studies--drawing on psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, anthropology and other fields--that illuminate the musical nature of our species. This volume develops, supports and challenges that body of research, examining key issues in the field, such as the difficulty of writing about music, the formation of musical preferences, the emotional impact of musical sounds, the comparison of music and language, the impulse for making music and the connection between music and spirituality [Publisher description].