Geek rock : an exploration of music and subculture /

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Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield,, United States, p.xxi, 204 pages ; (2014)

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History and criticism., Rock music


Includes bibliographical references and index.Frank Zappa: Godfather of Geek Rock / Alex DiBlasi -- Taste, Kitsch, and Geek Rock: A Multiple Modernities View / Martina Topic -- Futurists and New Traditionalists: The Antagonistic Critique of Devo and Italian Futurism / Ian Steinberg -- Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Geek Rock: Haustor and Darko Rundek / Julijana Zhabeva-Papazova -- They Might Be Lacanian: They Might Be Giants, Jacques Lacan, and the Rhetoric of Geek Rock / Victoria Willis -- "A Very Subtle Joke": T.S. Eliot, J.D. Salinger, and the Puer Aeternus in God Shuffled His Feet / Paul Alexander Cantrell -- "Fuck Me, I'm Twee": Performing Gender and Age in Twee Pop / Caroline Gates-Shannon -- Man [Seeking] Astro-man?: Nouveau Surf Rock and the Futuristic-Past Nostalgic / Shannon Finck -- The Geek's Guide to Love: Knowledge and Failure in the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs / Nadav Appel -- "My God, What an Infantile Gesture": The Mountain Goats as Emblematic of Geek Rock's Relationship with the Authentic / Taylor Peters -- "Now It's Time for a Little Braggadocio": Nerdcore Rap, Race, and the Politics of Appropriation / Chris Russell.