Heinrich Glarean's books : the intellectual world of a sixteenth-century musical humanist /

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Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom, p.xv, 382 pages : (2013)


9781107022690 (hbk.) :

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16th century., Biography., Early printed books, Humanists, Music theorists, Switzerland


Formerly CIP.Includes bibliographical references and index.1. Heinrich Glarean's world / Iain Fenlon and Inga Mai Groote -- 2. Theory of music and philosophy of life : the Dodekachordon and the Counter-Reformation / Laurenz Lütteken -- 3. "Mitto ad te meos de musica labores" : Glarean's Dodekachordon and the politics of dedication / Bernhard Kölbl -- 4. Sympathies with Luther's preference for the Roman church : Glarean's annotations as a mirror of his intellectual development / Barbara Mahlmann-Bauer -- 5. Glarean's Bible / Max Engammare -- 6. Henrici Glareani Concio de coena domini : Glarean as a theologian / Barbara Mahlmann-Bauer -- 7. Between the human and the divine : Glarean's De geographia and the span of Renaissance geography / Christine R. Johnson --8. Roman weights and measurements in Glarean's De asse et partibus eius / Menso Folkerts -- 9. A Dorio ad Phrygium : Glarean and the Adagia of Erasmus / Andrea Horz -- 10. Studying music and arithmetic with Glarean : contextualising the Epitome and Annotationes among the sources for Glarean's teaching / Inga Mai Groote -- 11. Glarean's didactic approach to Horace and his critical review of ancient and modern commentaries / Claudia Wiener --12. Chronologia est unica historiae lux : How Glarean studied and taught the chronology of the ancient world / Anthony Grafton and Urs B. Leu -- 13. Evidence for Glarean's music lectures from his students' books : congruent annotations in the Epitome and the Dodekachordon / Inga Mai Groote, Bernhard Kölbl and Susan Forscher Weiss -- 14. Heinrich Glarean's books / Iain Fenlon and Inga Mai Groote.