Music and religious education in early modern Europe : the musical edification of the church /

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Kim, Hyun-Ah,


Brill,, Leiden, Netherlands ;, p.xii, 259 pages : (2023)

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16e siècle., 16th century., Christian education, Church music, Europe, Europe., fast, History, Musique d'église, Reformation, Réforme (Christianisme)


Includes bibliographical references and index."Exploring the nexus of music and religious education concerns fundamental questions regarding music itself, including what music is, how to interpret music, and why music is important, in relation to both education and religious practice into which it is integrated. This cross-disciplinary volume of essays offers the first comprehensive set of studies to examine the role of music in educational and religious reform and the underlying notions of music in early modern Europe. It elucidates the context and manner in which music served as a means of religious teaching and learning during that time, thereby identifying the religio-cultural and intellectual foundations of early modern European musical phenomena and their significance for exploring the interplay of music and religious education today"--