Play like a man : my life in Poster Children /

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University of Illinois Press,, Urbana, United States, p.xviii, 221 pages : (2023)

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"As a member of Poster Children, Rose Marshack took part in entwined revolutions. Marshack and other women seized a much-elevated profile in music during the indie rock breakthrough while the advent of new digital technologies transformed the recording and marketing of music. Touring in a van, meeting your idols, juggling a programming job with music, keeping control and credibility, the perils of an independent record label (and the greater perils of a major)-Marshack chronicles the band's day-to-day life and punctuates her account with excerpts from her tour reports and hard-learned lessons on how to rock, program, and teach while female. She also details the ways Poster Children applied punk's DIY ethos to digital tech as a way to connect with fans via then-new media like pkids listservs, internet radio, and enhanced CDs. An inside look at a scene and a career, Play Like a Man is the evocative and humorous tale of one woman's life in the trenches and online"--Includes bibliographical references (pages 205-212) and index.Part one : 1980s : College. Origin story ; The scene at college ; Punk bands in dorms ; Computers ; Play like a man -- Part two : 1987-1992 : Pre-major label life. The indie code of ethics ; Local ; Regional ; National -- Part three : 1993-1996 : Major label life ; Mashed potatoes ; Recording ; Touring ; Radio sucks ; Computer experiments ; Expectations ; Big changes -- Part four : 1997 : Post major label. Online participation ; Life as a woman ; How to look at things ; Teaching -- Appendix. List of Poster Children alumni.