Visions and decisions : imagination and technique in music composition /

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p.72 pages : (2023)

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(OCoLC)fst00871761, (OCoLC)fst00967585, Composition (Music), fast, Imagination.


Includes bibliographical references (pages [69]-72).1. A roundtrip ticket to hypnagogia -- 2. The big vision: a whole work -- 3. Music about music -- 4. A personal voice -- 5. Press any key to start -- 6. MacGuffins and falafel platters: subject and syntax -- 7. Gardens, wilderness, and dreamscapes -- 8. Heart and mind work together, always -- 9. Coda -- References.This Element investigates the balance and interaction of imagination (visions) and technique (decisions) in the composition of music and includes current scientific research on dreams, the hypnagogic state, emotions, and feelings. It also includes thoughts of composers past and present, and examines how works start from visions in a range of music, comparing musical ideas and techniques to models in other creative disciplines. The Element elucidates aspects of musical discourse by imagining how Haydn, Mozart, and other composers would order falafel for takeout. This unorthodox approach emphasizes parallels between music and theater that are central to this Element.