Bach, Handel, and Scarlatti : reception in Britain 1750-1850 /

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Kroll, Mark,


Cambridge University Press,, Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, United States, p.81 pages ; (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst00815447, (OCoLC)fst01030269, (OCoLC)fst01030494, 18th century, 18th century., 19th century., Art appreciation., fast, Great Britain, History, History and criticism., Music, Music appreciation, Music appreciation., Music.


"ISSNs: 2732-558X (online), 2732-5571 (print)"Includes bibliographical references (pages [76]-81).1. Introduction -- 2. Domenico Scarlatti -- 3. George Frederic Handel -- 4. Johann Sebastian Bach -- Appendices -- Bibliography.The music of Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic Handel and Domenico Scarlatti received more performances, publications and appreciation in Britain between 1750-1850 than in any other country during this era. The compositions of these three seminal baroque composers were heard in the numerous public and private concerts that proliferated at this time; edited, arranged and published for professionals and amateurs; written about by scholars and journalists; and used as teaching pieces and in pedagogical treatises. This Element examines the reception of their music during this dynamic period in British musical history, and places the discussion within the context of the artistic, cultural, economic, and political factors that stimulated such passionate interest in 'ancient music.' It also offers a vivid picture of the aesthetic concerns of those musicians and audiences involved with this repertoire, providing insights that help us better understand our own encounters with music of the past.