Lutheran music culture : ideals and practices /

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De Gruyter,, Volume volume 142, Berlin, Germany ;Boston, [MA], United States,, 325 pages : (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst00860830, (OCoLC)fst01003996, (OCoLC)fst01004033, Church music, Église luthérienne, Église luthérienne., fast, Hymnes, Hymnes., Hymns, Hymns., Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church., Musique d'église


Includes bibliographical references and index.This volume is a novel contribution to previous research on the rich Lutheran heritage of music. It builds upon a current surge of interest in the field and combines conceptual discussions of key terms relevant to the study of the development and significance of a Lutheran Music Culture with theological readings of central texts on music, analytic approaches to historical repertoires and material perspectives on its dissemination.Framing Lutheran music culture / Mattias Lundberg, Maria Schildt and Jonas Lundblad -- The Word of God and music in Luther: re-reading Luther's 1538 Rhau preface / Dietrich Korsch -- "Musicam semper amavi": what is remarkable about Luther's views on music / Eyolf Østrem -- Did the choir introduce German hymns to the Wittenberg congregations? / Robin A. Leaver -- Liturgical foundations from the Court of Maximilian I and the hope of salvation / Grantley McDonald -- Joahnn Reusch's Zehen deudscher Psalm Davids (1551) and the circulation of German Psalm motets in Northern Europe / Maria Schildt -- Luther, Mattheson, and the joy of music / Joyce L. Irwin -- Reading belief through compositional unity: J. S. Bach's resonse to a Lutheran theology of proportions / Ruth Tatlow -- J. S. Bach, the Fuga Contraria, and the Lutheran concept of Umkehr / Pieter Dirksen -- "Defenders of music" as a topos of collective self-fashioning in Lutheran writings from Early Modern Sweden / Mattias Lundberg -- Luther in Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's Hymn of Praise / Michaela G. Grochulski -- The "Lutheran style": aesthetics, theology and politics in Oskar Söhngen's writings / Jonas Lundblad -- Beyond "church-dividing" differences: music and new ecumenical perspectives on justification / Chiara Bertoglio -- Lutheran music culture : a reflection / John Butt -- Appendix 1: Martin Luther's 1538 draft to the Encomion musices -- Appendix 2: Preface by Johannes Bugenhagen to Balthasar Resinarius: Responsorium numero octoginta de tempore, 1544 -- Appendix 3: Preface by Philipp Melanchthon to Johann Reusch: Zehen deudscher Psalm Davids, 1551.Includes German passages with English translations.