The Cambridge companion to rhythm

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Cambridge University Press,, Cambridge, United Kingdom ;New York, NY, United States, p.xxvi, 343 pages : (2020)

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(FrPBN)11935310, (OCoLC)fst01030418, (OCoLC)fst01030696, (OCoLC)fst01030774, Analyse musicale., Aspect psychologique., fast, History., Mesure et rythme, Mesure et rythme., Music, Musical analysis., Musical meter and rhythm, Musical meter and rhythm., Musique, Psychological aspects., ram


Includes bibliographical references and index."One of the defining aspects of music is that it exists in time. From clapping to dancing, toetapping to head-nodding, the responses of musicians and listeners alike capture the immediacy and significance of the musical beat. This Companion explores the richness of musical time through a variety of perspectives, surveying influential writings on the topic, incorporating the perspectives of listeners, analysts, composers, and performers, and considering the subject across a range of genres and cultures. It includes chapters on music perception, visualizing rhythmic notation, composers' writings on rhythm, rhythm in jazz, rock, and hip-hop. Taking a global approach, chapters also explore rhythmic styles in the music of India, Africa, Bali, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Indigenous music of North and South America. Readers will gain an understanding of musicians' approaches to performing complex rhythms of contemporary music, and revealing insights into the likely future of rhythm in music"--