Virtual music : sound, music, and image in the digital era /

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Bloomsbury Academic, Bloomsbury Publishing Inc,, New York, NY, United States, p.234 pages : (2021)

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(OCoLC)fst01030444, (OCoLC)fst01030490, (OCoLC)fst01127019, (OCoLC)fst01167688, (OCoLC)fst01200152, (OCoLC)fst01763975, aat, Aspect social., fast, Mixed reality., Music, Music and technology., Music and the Internet., Musique, Musique et Internet., Musique et technologie., Réalité mixte., Réalité virtuelle., Social aspects., Sound recording industry., Virtual reality.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction. The future of music has arrived -- "Blame it on the machines" : historical placings of digital virtual music -- "Technology gives you everything immediately..." : a brief critical discussion on the digital virtual -- "We are musical makers" : The experimental and digital virtual trademarks of genre and style -- "Give life back to music" : remixing music -- "The game has changed" : video game music -- "Living in a fantasy" : performers and identity -- "Showroom dummies" : live and simulated performers, performances, and audiences -- "Take control" : creators, fans, and the internet -- "Digital witness" : online communities, networking, and virality -- Conclusion. Rewind or after the future?"A survey of key areas related to digital music and the internet with a focus on how technology impacts the relationship between music and its listeners"--