A singing approach to horn playing : pitch, rhythm, and harmony training for horn /

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Oxford University Press,, New York, NY, United States, p.xv, 231 pages : (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst00900579, (OCoLC)fst00960242, Ear training., Éducation., fast, Horn (Musical instrument), Instruction and study., Oreille


Includes bibliographical references (page 231).Introduction -- Part I : Songs and exercises by tone set -- Part II : Canons, solfeggi, and horn literature -- Part III : Advanced horn literature.""A Singing Approach to Horn Playing" trains hornists to play with greater accuracy and musicality by developing the ear. Horn players learn to actively hear the notes on the page through singing and playing the instrument. Each example includes solfège, inner hearing, transposition, and rhythmic training, as well as polyphonic exercises for learning to hear and read in multiple parts. These exercises can be done independently or with a partner. The book begins with folk songs to develop fundamental pitch and solfège skills, starting with three and four note melodies. These songs are followed by canons, solfeggio (vocal etudes transcribed for horn), and standard horn literature. The horn selections enable hornists to apply their musicianship skills to performance, with examples from standard etudes, orchestral excerpts, and solos. The horn parts also include significant orchestral and accompaniment lines to sing and play on horn, so that horn players can perform with practical knowledge of the score"--