Clara Schumann studies

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Davies, Joe


Cambridge University Press,, Cambridge, United Kingdom ;, p.xx, 307 pages : (2022)

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 292-300) and index."Since the 1980s, when she re-emerged from the peripheries into a more central position in music studies, Clara Schumann (1819-1896) has exerted an enduring fascination over the scholarly and popular imagination. Revisionist biographies, the uncovering of primary sources (diaries, letters, memorabilia), and filmic and literary depictions of Schumann have all brought into sharper focus the details and reception of her life, while simultaneously drawing attention to how much there is still to learn about her creativity. This book brings together a team of leading scholars to reappraise Clara Schumann in three particular respects: first, by delving deeper into her social and musical contexts; secondly, by offering fresh analytical perspectives on her songs and instrumental music; and thirdly, by reconsidering her legacy as a pianist and teacher"--