Das arbeitende Konzert = The working concert /

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Spector,, Leipzig, Germany, p.v, 201 pages : (2020)



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(OCoLC)fst00815413, Art and music., Concerts, fast, Philosophy and aesthetics.


Includes bibliographical references.Das Arbeitende Konzert (AK) / The Working Concert is a performative installation work focused on concerts and their representations as creative media, whereby concerts are understood not as neutral frames but as a form of artistic expression and as critical dispositifs or apparatuses. The AK's Revisions I-VII and the process of their creation have been relocated to the book space. The Revisions were shown at Teatro Garibaldi in Palermo and Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Aedes Network Campus, and Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin, all of which were antithetical to the ingrained characteristics associated with concert institutions. The configuration of these concerts as exhibitions involved rethinking all the various aspects of the concert as installation, exhibition, publication, public event, performance, marketing, public signage, and audience reception. The book contains scores, documentary material, photographs, and concept texts that have driven and/or led to the AK over the last fifteen years.Christopher Dell (b. 1965) works in Berlin as a musician, composer, theoretician in urban design and architecture and as an artist.