The Oxford handbook of cinematic listening

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Oxford University Press,, New York, NY, United States ; Oxford, United Kingdom, p.1 online resource (xii, 774 pages). (2021)

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(OCoLC)fst00999799, (OCoLC)fst01027201, (OCoLC)fst01758756, fast, Film soundtracks, History and criticism., Listening, Listening., Motion picture music


Includes bibliographical references and index.The Possibilities of Cinematic Listening : An Introduction / Carlo Cenciarelli -- GENEALOGIES AND BEGINNINGS. Deeds of Music in Bourgeois Opera (What the Listener Sees . . . ) / Peter Franklin ; Hearing the Shadows at the Chat Noir's Pre-cinematic Theatre / Emilio Sala ; The Courtships of Ada and Len : Mediated Musicals and Vocal Caricature Before the Cinema / Jacob Smith ; The Trickality of Listening in Early Musical Trick Films / Julie Brown ; Cinematic Listening and the Early Talkie / Jim Buhler -- LOCATIONS AND RELOCATIONS. Historical Sound-Film Presentation and the Closed-Curtain Roadshow Overture / Ben Winters ; Tasteful Networks of Attention : Language, Listening, Meaning, and Art House Exhibition / Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece ; The Atmosphere Was Entirely Good Humoured : The Cinema as a Venue for Live Music in Britain in the 1950s and 1960s / Simon Frith ; Out of the Frame : Live-Score Film Screenings and the Cinematic Experience / Jeremy Barham ; Leveraging a Long and Tuneful History : Perspectival Manipulation, Surround Sound, and Dolby Atmos / Meredith C. Ward -- REPRESENTATIONS AND REPRESENTATIONS. Making Sense of Noise and Silence in La Captive / Richard Dyer ; Hearing Hearing? Reflections on the Kubrickian Soundtrack / David Code ; Countercultural Listening in Malick's Badlands (1973) / Julie Hubbert ; Music Lovers : Listening in (and to) Composer Biopics / Guido Heldt ; Hi-Yo, Rossini : Hearing Pre-existing music as Post-existing Music / Jonathan Godsall ; You Sorta Listen with Your Eyes : How Audiences Talk about Film Music Martin Barker -- THE LISTENING BODY. Fist to Face : Corporeal Listening and the Cinematic Punch / Lisa Coulthard ; The Erotics of Cinematic Listening / Danijela Kulezic-Wilson ; Time and Space through the Soundtracks of Interstellar and Arrival / John Richardson, Anna-Elena Pääkkölä, Sanna Qvick ; 20. Hearing-Feeling-Becoming : Cinema Surveillance / Miguel Mera ; Sonic Elongation and Sonic Aporia: Two Modes of Disrupted Listening in Film / Holly Rogers ; The Trailer Ear : Constructions of Loudness in Cinematic Previews / James Deaville -- LISTENING AGAIN. Pop Music, Processing Fluency, and Pleasure : Film Songs as Both Hype and Memento / Jeff Smith ; Movie for Speakers : Queen's Flash Gordon and the Integrated Soundtrack Album / Paul N. Reinsch ; If You Know Arabic, Indian Songs Are Easy For You : Hindi Film Songs in Tamale, Northern Ghana / Katie Young ; Hearing and Teaching Soundtracks as a Mother and a Daughter : A Personal, Feminist, Pedagogical Approach to Flux / Elsie Walker ; Hearing Film Music Topics outside the Movie Theatre : Listening Cinematically to Pastorals ; Janet Bourne ; Hearing Secondary Explosions : The Naudet Brothers' 9/11 and Audiovisual (A)synchronization in Twenty-First-Century Media / Randolph Jordan -- ACROSS MEDIA. Evolving Storylines and Patterns of Listening : The Case of Invasion at the Dawn of the Binge Age (2005-2006) / Robynn Stilwell ; Projections of Image on Sound : Reassessing the Relation between Music Video and Cinema / Mathias Bonde Korsgaard ; Listen Again : Music Video's Cinematic Soundscapes / Laurel Westrup ; Summon the Cinematic? Aural Mediation and Filmic Immersion in the Case of Remote Taipei / Ya-Mong Feng ; iPod Listening as an I-voice : Cinema, Personal Stereos, and a Fantasy of Communication / Carlo Cenciarelli ; Fantasias on a Theme by Walt Disney : Playful Listening and Video Games / Tim Summers ; Old(er) Media and New Musical Affordances in Virtual Reality Experiences / Michiel Kamp."It has long been suggested that films have changed the way we listen, but cinema's contribution to broader listening cultures has only recently started to receive serious academic attention. Taking this issue as its central topic, The Oxford Handbook of Cinematic Listening explores-from philosophical, archival, empirical, and analytical perspectives-the genealogies of cinema's audiovisual practices, the relationship between film aesthetics and listening protocols, and the extension of cinematic modes of listening into other media and everyday situations. Featuring scholars from musicology, film studies and literary studies, ethnomusicology and sound studies, media and communications and psychology, this Handbook aims to foster new ways of thinking about the intersection between the history of listening and the history of the moving image. It offers a wealth of original case studies and novel perspectives that show how cinematic listening is constantly being redefined in relation to shifting historical, spatial, textual and theoretical frameworks"--Description based on online resource; title from digital title page (viewed on April 09, 2021).