Catalogus collectionis operum artis musicae comitis Clam-Gallas

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Narodni Knihovna CR,, Volume X/1-4, Czech Republic : Prague, p.4 volumes : (2018)



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(OCoLC)fst01030417, bibliography, Czech Republic, fast, Music, Private collections, Private collections.


"Translation of the text parts: Andy Letham"--ColophonIncludes errata (pars 4)Includes bibliographical references and indexesPars prima A-C -- Pars secunda C-M -- Pars tertia M-V -- Pars quarta V- Z"The Clam-Gallas music collection from Prague and Frýdlant is one of the most extensive music archives in Bohemia and it represents a rich set of sources which provides a picture of the domestic artistocratic musical culture of the 18th century .... It especially consists of the music archive of the château ensemble and wind harmony of Count Crhistian Phillip Clam-Gallas and the private collection of vocal (especially operatic) music owned by his wife Maria Caroline Josepha. The entire collection consists of 1572 shelfmarks (including albums and convolutes), whiles there is a total of 2223 individual works in the collection."--ForewordCommentary in Czech, with English translations. Bibliography in multiple languages