Rebel Musics, Volume 2 Human Rights, Resistant Sounds, and the Politics of Music Making.

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Montreal : Black Rose Books,, Canada, p.1 online resource (290 p.) (2020)





Description based upon print version of record.Intro -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- Preface -- 1. Remix One: Music and Transformation: Sounding Agency and Direct Action by Daniel Fischlin -- 2. Music for Loneliness: Ambient Sound and Improvising Queer Resilience by Feryn Wade-Lang -- 3. Rebellion Musics: The Reel Multiracial Jazz Archive Way Out West by Josslyn Luckett -- 4. Singing for Justice: Oromo Women's Musical Responses to Violence by Leila Qashu -- 5. "Welcome to the Dance": FandangObon as a PolyculturalAnti-Racist Remix by George Lipsitz6. "I Sing of Difference": Violeta Parra's Testimonial Songs for Justice by Martha Nandorfy -- 7. A Hand on the Mic and a Fist in the Air: Sampling the Civil Rights Era in Holy Hip-Hop by Alyssa Woods and Robert Michael Edwards -- 8. Enchantment's Irreconcilable Connection: Listening to Anger, Being Idle No More by Dylan Robinson -- 9. Remix Two Music and Transformation: Sounding Agency and Direct Action by Ajay Heble -- Contributors -- Index