New Publications from the Music and Dance Documentation Center, Madrid

The following has reached us from Maria José González Ribot, Centro de Documentación de Música y Danza, Madrid:

The Music and Dance Documentation Center of Madrid, Spain has just released two new online publications, available on

The first is the second edition of the Map of Spanish Musical Heritage, whose first edition was presented last year in New York at the IAML conference. In this case, the map has been updated and supplemented with two new layers: immaterial heritage and sound archives.

For the second - celebrating International Dance Day, April 29 - we present the Map of Spanish Dance Heritage, with similar criteria in the field of dance.

These maps show all the institutions that hold music and dance heritage items, providing information such as: location data of the institution and links to their websites and catalogues, brief descriptions of their collections, fonds… and specific bibliographies. Both maps are supplemented by a selection of bibliographic references about general aspects of the musical and dance heritage in Spain.


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