More Fontes vacancies

You will have seen the recent advertisements for a new editor for Fontes, and I hope that some of you have felt moved to apply. If you are daunted by taking on that role, however, you may feel more comfortable filling one of the other vacancies that are available, as follows:

  1. Jim Cassaro has decided to step down as reviews editor for US and Canadian publications. Jim has managed to get some great reviews during his time in the post, but now he's editor of Notes I believe that he has quite a lot of other demands on his time! Please contact me if you are interested in taking on this role.
  2. Our long-serving (some might say long-suffering) advertising manager, Sarah Canino, has resigned from that role. If you enjoy persuading potential advertisers to place copy in Fontes and would be interested in this role, please contact me.
  3. I'm still looking for an indexer for volume 49 onwards. Indexes to vols 47 and 48 are complete, and should be coming your way soon. Don't hold back if this, too, interests you.

In spite of the fact that Fontes remains behind schedule, I hope that you are enjoying the issues that *have* appeared recently. The issues for 2004 will start to come your way very soon.

John Wagstaff, Fontes editor


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