Major Update for MusRef Database

MusRef landing pageThe MusRef database, developed and maintained by David Day (Brigham Young University), has received a major update: over 3,000 new reference sources (both print and online) have been added to the music and dance databse. The total resources indexed now comes to around 11,280. The new interface has also been redesigned and the blog will be updated regularly.

MusRef is aimed at music librarians who wish to stay informed about new resources or need ideas for collection development and course support. It is also useful for teaching about reference source critique and evaluation. The site offers a searchable database, a blog highlighting interesting resources, a basic introduction to reference tools, and a list of unpublished bibliographies.

Do you know about, a Swiss resource for free periodicals online? This is one of many new resources available through MusRef. You can even submit your own suggestions to David Day at


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