IAML's Publications Awards for 2022

The IAML Publications Awards Subcommittee, at the 2022 Congress in Prague, announced the recipients of the 2021 Vladimir Fédorov Award for the best article published in Fontes Artis Musicae and the François Lesure Award for the best review published in the journal.

For the best article published in 2021, the Vladimir Federov Award was given to Margaret R. Butler for ‘Opening a Celebrity’s Closet: Cecilia Davies and the de Bellis Collection’, published in Vol. 68, no. 4: 288–312. The Awards Subcommittee commented ‘this article could well stand as a model description of uncatalogued collections:  it provides historical background of both the collection and collector; description of the content together with the extensive research required to compile the listing; further reading and research suggestions, and a tantalising problem that set our detective pulses racing:  there are still some unidentified pieces in the collection’! 

The François Lesure Award for the best review published in Fontes Artis Musicae in 2021 was given to Nalini Ghuman for her review of Kaikhosru Sorabji’s Letters to Philip Heseltine (Peter Warlock), edited by Brian Inglis and Barry Smith, published in Vol. 68, no.4: 361–365. The Awards Subcommittee commented that ‘this review not only contained a thorough and thoughtful description of the book's content, it also provided historical and current context and further reading suggestions; and ends with the phrase every acquisitions librarian surely wants to read:  highly recommended’.


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