IAML's new logo

The IAML Board is pleased to announce that IAML has a new logo.

For some time there has been the feeling that the old logo which has served us well for many years was looking a little dated, not least since the German IAML branch prefers to use the French AIBM abbreviation in preference to IVMB.

After consulting with both German and French branches it was decided that we could simplify the appearance by just using IAML. A small competition was held with developers from Germany, Sweden, UK and USA and after much discussion it was decided to commission Anja Waldmann, a young designer from Germany. You can see more of her work here: http://www.waldmann-gestaltung.de

The designs that were produced went through three major iterations until we arrived at the final version which had unanimous support from the Board. In addition a new font was proposed which will start to appear alongside the logo as new documents are published.

We hope that everyone likes the new design which will be appearing in various places in print and on the website from now onward.

Antony Gordon
IAML Vice President


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