IAML pays tribute to Roger Flury

Posted on the National Library of New Zealand's blog 16 May (in connection with Roger Flury's retirement):

"As President and Secretary General of IAML we would like to acknowledge Roger Flury’s outstanding contributions to music librarianship both nationally and internationally. The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (IAML), founded in 1951, is a respected member of the international library and music communities. Roger Flury was appointed Secretary General in 2003 and was elected President in 2010. He continues to serve on the IAML Board as Past-President. Not surprisingly, he was instrumental in bringing IAML to New Zealand for its annual conference in 1999. The conference that year, held in Wellington from 18-23 July, was very successful and brought many delegates to New Zealand for the first time. Roger Flury’s professional excellence and profound understanding of the IAML membership and the intricacies of its workings, combined with great diplomatic skills which are always enhanced by his two most pronounced personal qualities—kindness and humour made him a very successful and popular leader.

Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie, President
Pia Shekhter, Secretary General"


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