IAML Leipzig Congress Diary #3: Maria Calderisi

The third congress diary sharing an aspect of the 2018 IAML Congress in Leipzig is by Maria Calderisi, former IAML President (1986-1989).

My first IAML meeting was Montreal 1975 and for the following 30 years or so I went every year—it became quite addictive! I am now over 80 years of age and long-retired from the National Library of Canada so I have missed a few in recent years but could not resist Leipzig—the city of music and especially of my beloved J.S. Bach. I was not disappointed! My only problem was juggling touristic plans with the lure of the programme (congratulations Rupert!). As it happened, I didn’t do that as well as I’d hoped and missed a couple of sessions I dearly wanted to hear, such as “Editing Bach” to name but one. I also missed out on a Hochschule library tour—strangely, since I was in the building every day—but enjoyed so much the tours to Edition Peters and the Bach Archive. How does one chose from among the riches that Leipzig and the IAML organizing committee had to offer! And I haven’t even mentioned the concerts and Dresden!

That being said, there is another treasure that is never in short supply in IAML—the people. It was such a pleasure to spend the whole week with dear friend Gertraud Voss-Krueger, former head of the Stuttgart Music Library, and to renew old acquaintances however briefly with a hug and a few words. But it is the new generation(s) who continue to inspire me with their enthusiasm, dedication and vision and who fill me with confidence in the future of our profession in a swiftly-changing world. Although I do not rule out entirely the possibility of attending future IAML conferences—shall I be able to resist Krakow next year? or Prague the year after?—if 2018 were to be my last IAML, it would be a high note indeed to end on.


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