The Carl Nielsen Works Catalogue (CNW)

A new publication certainly of interest to IAML members:

The Danish Centre for Music Publication at The Royal Library has just published the Carl Nielsen Works Catalogue (CNW).

It is freely available online at:

This is the “first ever thematic-bibliographic registration of all Nielsen’s compositions.” In total, 414 works are registered in the CNW, including stage music, instrumental music, and vocal music. Information is included about the history of the piece and early performances. You can search by keyword, limit to a time period, and filter by genre using the help of color-coded dots.

Links take you to the electronic Carl Nielsen Edition, “a collected, critical edition of Nielsen's works in 32 volumes plus study scores and parts. Each volume has an introduction, describing the history of the work and a critical report containing a survey of the sources and a list of all emendations and variants.”

For example, enter “oboe” in the keyword search and click the green dot for “Music for one instrument.” For the piece “Hyrdedrengens Melodi” (The Shepherd's Melody), you get a link to the Carl Nielsen Edition, Series IV; Juvenilia et Addenda, volume 1. The short oboe piece is on p.283 and contains a facsimile of the composer’s autograph manuscript (see picture in the attachment, below).


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