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Foreman L..  2011.  The John Ireland companion . :xxxiv,529p.,[32]p.ofplates:.
Daniels N, Bloom J..  2011.  Judas Priest : British Steel /. bk. 2:vi,62p.:.
Sandercoe J., Farncombe T..  2011. : beginner's course /. :192p.:.
Berry J..  2011.  Katy Perry : California gurl /. :x,236p.,[24]p.ofplates:.
Porter C, Spewack S, Spewack BCohen, Shakespeare W.  2011.  Kiss me Kate . :[28]p.:.
Albiez S., Pattie D.  2011.  Kraftwerk : music non-stop /. :xi,244p.:.
Rodgers N..  2011.  Le freak : an upside down story of family, disco and destiny /. :xiv,318p.,[16]p.ofplates:.
Brackett N.  2011.  Legendary rock songs . :270p.:.
George T.  2011.  Let's celebrate the end of the world : and dance to the music of time /. :372pages:.
Mantzourani E..  2011.  The life and twelve-note music of Nikos Skalkottas . :xxvi,414p.:.
Musgrave M.  2011.  The life of Schumann . :x,224p.:.
Bennett J.RSternda.  2011.  The life of William Sterndale Bennett . :xiii,471pages:.
Ross A.  2011.  Listen to this . :xv,380p.;.
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama..  2011.  Llwyfan llwyddiant = A stage for success . :32p.:.
Davis S.  2011.  LZ-'75 : the lost chronicles of Led Zeppelin's 1975 American tour /. :217p.:.
Easlea D., Fiegel E..  2011.  Madonna . :208p.:.
Beach N., Evans J, Spruce G..  2011.  Making music in the primary school : whole class instrumental and vocal teaching /. :xi,152p.:.
Scarfe G..  2011.  The making of Pink Floyd, The wall . :256p.:.
Szwed JF.  2011.  The man who recorded the world : a biography of Alan Lomax /. :438p.;.
Doggett P..  2011.  The man who sold the world : David Bowie and the 1970s /. :424p.;.
Gatenby P, Gill C..  2011.  The Manchester musical history tour . :160p.:.
Morán R..  2011.  Mancunians and music : tales of the internet, the underground and the Manchester music scene 1998-2011 /. :252p.:.
MacQuaile B.  2011.  March away my brothers: Irish soldiers and their music in the Great War. :125pages.
Morbio VCrespi.  2011.  Mario Sironi alla Scala. :83pages:.
Waterman B.  2011.  Marquee moon . :xv,222p.:.