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Audissino E.  2021.  Film music in concert : the pioneering role of the Boston Pops Orchestra /. :1onlineresource.
Audissino E.  2021.  The film music of John Williams : reviving Hollywood's classical style /. :xiii,381pages:.
Gustafsson M, Andersson E.  2021.  Folkliga koraler fr{\aa}n södra Sverige : koraler, andliga visor och gamla psalmer.
Apolloni AM.  2021.  Freedom girls : voicing femininity in 1960s British pop /. :1onlineresource(ix,323pages):.
Alge B.  2021.  Gold, festivals, and music in southeast Brazil : sounding Portugueseness /. :1onlineresource..
Hogwood C, Ádám V.  2021.  Händel. :351.
Magdolna J, Árpád KKun.  2021.  "Hát újra itt..." : operettkánon és - műfaj. :239.
Ares-Yebra J.  2021.  Historia, estética y política en la "Poética musical": La "constelación Stravinski" en el París de entreguerras. :290.
Auslander P.  2021.  In concert : performing musical persona /. :x,293pages:.
Andreasen MWenzel.  2021.  Johannes Brahms : en konservativ romantiker . :162pages.
Adorno TWiesengrun.  2021.  La fonction de la couleur dans la musique : timbre, musique et peinture, Wagner, Strauss et autres essais /. :1vol..
Atkinson BT.  2021.  Looks like rain : the songwriting legacy of Mickey Newbury /. :1onlineresource.
Anna B, László G.  2021.  A magyar zongoragyártás fénykora : Beregszászy Lajos emlékezete . :96.
Bellamy O, Argerich M.  2021.  Martha Argerich raconte . :261pages;.
Anderton C, James M.  2021.  Media narratives in popular music . :1onlineresource.
Archer-Capuzzo S, Capuzzo G.  2021.  Metaldata : a bibliography of heavy metal resources /. volume 43:vii,200pages;.
Apatoff B.  2021.  Metallica : the $24.95 book /. :1onlineresource.
Adolphe B.  2021.  The mind's ear : exercises for improving the musical imagination for performers, composers, and listeners /. :1onlineresource(240pages):.
Acker A, Nyland B, Deans J, Payman K, Klarin S.  2021.  Music composition in contexts of early childhood : creation, communication and multi-modal experiences through music /. :xv,120pages:.
Anderson A.  2021.  Music, sound and vibration in special education : how to enrich your specialist setting /. :1onlineresource(xv,168pages):.
Auerbach BLawrence.  2021.  Musical motives : a theory and method for analyzing shape in music /. :1onlineresource(x,384pages):.
Albright D, Rehding A.  2021.  Music's monisms : disarticulating modernism /. :1onlineresource(xiv,298pages):.
Anna B, László G.  2021.  Nemessányi Sámuel, a "magyar Stradivarius" : Reményi Lászó hangszerkutatásai . :228.
Asia D.  2021.  Observations on Music, Culture, and Politics . :1onlineresource.
Alexandersson MFrick.  2021.  Omsorg, välvilja och tystnadskultur : Diskursiva dilemman och strategier i lärarutbildningens undervisningspraktik i musik mot yngre {\aa}ldra....