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Walker A, Fejérvári B.  2015.  Liszt-reflexiók. :346p..
Walker S, Thomson M.  2020.  Impossible : my story /. :338pages,32unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Walker A, Ádám I, Boldizsár F.  2020.  Fryderyk Chopin . :782.
W. Walker I.  2018.  Stirring my soul to sing : overcoming ADHD through song /. :1volume.
Walker A, Fejérvári B.  2018.  Hans von Bülow. :656.
Walker ST, Thomson M.  2020.  Impossible : my story. :338.
Walkling AR.  2019.  English dramatick opera, 1661-1706 . :1volume:.
Walkling AR.  2019.  English dramatick opera, 1661-1706 . :1onlineresource:.
Wallace R, Judit R.  2020.  Beethovent hallani : a zene elvesztésének és újramegtalálásának története . :301.
Wallén G.  2016.  Arne Domnérus : tidsbilder med Arne Domnérus egna kommentarer.
Wallis J, Cram D, Wardhaugh B.  2014.  John Wallis : writings on music /. :239pages:.
Wallmark Z.  2022.  Nothing but noise : timbre and musical meaning at the edge /. :xi,215pages:.
Wallrup E.  2019.  Being musically attuned : the act of listening to music /. :1volume;.
Walls P..  2011.  Baroque music . :xxxiv,553p.:.
Walsh S.  2013.  Musorgsky and his circle : a Russian musical adventure /. :xiv,469pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Walsh MJK.  2020.  Eric Bogle, music and the Great War : 'an old man's tears' /. :1volume:.
Walsh S.  2022.  The beloved vision : a history of nineteenth century music /. :ix,421pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Walsh MJK, Airey D.  2011.  Runaway dreams : the story of Mama's Boys and Celtus /. :xviii,262pages:.
Walter M, Bey H.  2020.  Johann Sebastian Bach - Weihnachtsoratorium . :182Seiten.
Walton A.  2019.  Welsh whisperer, y . :1onlineresource.
Walton C.  2021.  Richard Wagner's essays on conducting : a new translation with critical commentary /. v. 175:1onlineresource:.
Walton C.  2017.  Richard Flury : the life and music of a Swiss Romantic /. :327pages:.
Wang H, Rizvi S..  2012.  The Music of Ink at the British Museum . :126p.:.
Wang O.  2015.  Legions of boom : Filipino American mobile DJ crews in the San Francisco Bay Area /. :xiii,218pages:.
Wang K, Wang G.  2016.  Dong jing yue yi yu shen ma tu xiang = Dongjing liturgy and Shenma incense-paper paintings = 洞经乐仪与神马图像. :2,264pages:.