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Gann K.  2017.  Charles Ives's Concord : essays after a sonata /. :xiii,438pages:.
Watt P, Scott DB, Spedding P.  2017.  Cheap print and popular song in the nineteenth century : a cultural history of the songster /. :xiv,250pages:.
Tanaka H..  2017.  Chippuchūn no subete : gēmuki kara umareta atarashii ongaku /. :335pages;.
Floyd JMichael, Sharp AT.  2017.  Church and worship music in the United States : a research and information guide /. :xiii,340pages;.
Kanda K.  2017.  Chūsei gakusho no kisoteki kenkyū . 482:x,549pages:.
Cohen SS, Peacock J.  2017.  The Clash takes on the world : transnational perspectives on the only band that matters /. :1onlineresource(x,272pages).
Andrés R.  2017.  Claudio Monteverdi: Lamento della Ninfa.. Cuadernos de El Acantilado. 79:144p..
Strange J, Odell-Miller H, Richards E.  2017.  Collaboration and assistance in music therapy practice : roles, relationships, challenges . :336pages:.
Moore RD.  2017.  College music curricula for a new century. :xi,289pages:.
Gutiérrez-Carreras P, Menéndez-Torrellas G.  2017.  Componiendo Tristán e Isolda. 150 aniversario del estreno de la ópera de Richard Wagner.. :121p..
Petric J.  2017.  Concert Accordion: Contemporary Perspectives. Texte zur Geschichte und Gegenwart des Akkordeons. :321pages,7unnumberedpages.
Bartók B, Móricz K.  2017.  Concerto for orchestra : BB 123 . Béla Bartók complete critical edition. Serie III. Orchestral works:253.
Maunder C.RF.  2017.  Concertos of the classical Viennese School, c.1780-1810, and their scoring . :116pages:.
Iges-Lebrancón J.  2017.  Conferencias sobre arte Sonoro. Colecciones al Peso; 250 gramos. :180p..
Dueck J.  2017.  Congregational music, conflict, and community . :ix,197pages:.
Coleman L, Tillman J.  2017.  Contemporary film music : investigating cinema narratives and composition /. :xvi,272pages:.
Bugos JA.  2017.  Contemporary research in music learning across the lifespan : music education and human development /. 4:xii,260pages:illustrations;.
Porter MJames.  2017.  Contemporary worship music and everyday musical lives . :vii,198pages;.
Garcia-Testal E.  2017.  Contrato de trabajo y propiedad intelectual de los artistas musicales.. :362p..
McAvoy M.  2017.  Cork rock : from Rory Gallagher to the Sultans of Ping. :298pages.
Conners PH.  2017.  Cornell '77 : the music, the myth, and the magnificence of the Grateful Dead's concert at Barton Hall /. :223pages,32unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Varga BAndrás.  2017.  The courage of composers and the tyranny of taste : reflections on new music /. v. 141:viii,263pages:.
Salazar A.  2017.  Cuba y las músicas negras.. Biblioteca de la Cátedra del Exilio. :273p..
Biddle ID, Gibson K.  2017.  Cultural histories of noise, sound and listening in Europe, 1300-1918 . :1onlineresource.
Gibson K.  2017.  Cultural histories of noise, sound and listening in Europe, 1300-1918 . :xii,279pages:.