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Dahl E.  2020.  B. B. King's Lucille and the loves before her : a musical journey through B.B. king's guitars and music gear from his youth through today /. :108pages:.
Bellstorf A..  2011.  Baby's in black : the story of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe /. :213p.:.
Tomita Y..  2011.  Bach . :xxxvii,574p.:.
Bowen J.  2019.  Bach : a musical biography /. :1volume:.
Scheide WH.  2022.  Bach achieves his goal : his first year of regular church music following the Leipzig Lutheran calendar /. :432pages:.
Leaver RA.  2018.  Bach and the counterpoint of religion . volume 12:x,157pages:.
Wolff C, Söhnel M, Zepf M.  2017.  Bach : eine Lebensgeschichte in Bildern = a life in pictures /. :469pages:.
Kroll M.  2022.  Bach, Handel, and Scarlatti : reception in Britain 1750-1850 /. :81pages;.
Gardiner JEliot, Barth R.  2016.  Bach Musik für die Himmelsburg. :734Seiten.
Fabian D.  2017.  Bach performance practice, 1945-1975 : a comprehensive review of sound recordings and literature /. :1onlineresource(329pages).
Fabian D.  2017.  Bach performance practice, 1945-1975 : a comprehensive review of sound recordings and literature /. :1onlineresource(329pages).
Leaver RA.  2021.  Bach studies : liturgy, hymnology, and theology /. :1onlineresource(xvii,394pages).
Maul M, Howe R.  2018.  Bach's famous choir : the Saint Thomas School in Leipzig, 1212-1804 /. :1onlineresource(xviii,394pages):.
Ringer M.  2021.  Bach's operas of the soul : a listener's guide to the sacred cantatas /. no. 32:220pages;.
Cantagrel G, Morvay Z.  2017.  Bach-szenvedély . :219.
Hazlewood D., Woodcock R., Wright D.  2011.  Backbone drums : comprehensive core studies for the modern drummer : level one /. :55p.:.
Mather J.  2018.  Backstage passes : the untold story of New Zealand's live music venues, 1960-1990. :192.
Falconer T.  2016.  Bad singer : the surprising science of tone deafness and how we hear music /. :325pages;.
Sárosi B, Pokoly J.  2017.  Bagpipers, Gypsy musicians: instrumental folk music tradition in Hungary . :263.
Elixir Piping and Drumming (Firm),.  2013.  Bagpipes for beginners. . :76pages:.
Zondi NBernadette.  2020.  Bahlabelelelani: Why do they Sing: Gender and Power in Contemporary Women's Songs. :ix,168.
Zhu, Yujiang = 朱玉江.  2015.  Bai nian zhong guo xue xiao yin yue ke cheng bian qian de wen hua zhe xue yan jiu = 百年中国学校音乐课程变迁的文化哲学研究 . Zhongguo yi shu xue wen ku, yi shu jiao yu xue wen cong = 中国艺术学文库·艺术教育学文丛. :280.
Porro-Fernández C-A.  2019.  Bailes tradicionales en Valladolid. :332.
Kobayashi C.  2018.  Bakumatsuki kyōgen daihon no sōgōteki kenkyū. . :xi,364pages;.
Corswarem E, Pirenne C.  2017.  Baldassare Galuppi: loeuvre opératique, instrumental et religieux. :220p..