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Myers M.  2021.  Rock concert : an oral history as told by the artists, backstage insiders, and fans who were there /. :viii,311pages,16pagesofplates:.
Smith P, Smith L.  2022.  Rock concert performance from ABBA to ZZ Top . :ix,217pages:.
Cateforis T.  2019.  The rock history reader . :xv,463pages;.
Church J.  2019.  Rock in the musical theatre : a guide for singers /. :xvii,197pages:.
Spicer MStuart..  2011.  Rock music . :xxix,474p.:.
[Gast].  2014.  Rock music studies. .
Charlton K.  2020.  Rock music styles : a history /. :xv,331pages:.
B. László T, Ferenc S.  2019.  Rock 'n' roll legendák a 60-as, 70-es, 80-as évektől . :111.
B. László T, Ferenc S.  2019.  Rock 'n' roll legendák a 60-as, 70-es, 80-as évektől. :111.
Devine C.  2021.  Rock 'n' roll sweepstakes : Ian Hunter : the authorised biography.. :544pages,24unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Mylius J.  2020.  Rock, pop og idoler . :1onlineresource.
Hepworth D.  2020.  The rock & roll A level : the only quiz book you need /. :1volume:.
Aquila R.  2022.  Rock & roll in Kennedy's America : a cultural history of the early 1960s /. :400pages:.
[Gast].  2021.  Rock & stjernestøv - historier fra Sweet Silence-Studiet gennem 45 år . :1onlineresource.
Penberthy I.  2012.  Rock : the culture in pictures /. :298pages:.
Popoff M.  2019.  Rock the nation : Montrose, Gamma and Ronnie redefined /. :296pages:.
Clement B.  2023.  Rock tonality amplified : a theory of modality, harmonic function, and tonal hierarchy /. :1onlineresource(xii,184pages):.
Jávorszky B.  2015.  A rock története. 3., 80-as évek. :478.
Jávorszky BSzilárd, Dömötör E.  2017.  A rock története : 4.kötet: 90-es évek . :462.
Ivković ŽŽ.  2019.  Rock u Vinkovcima : povijest pop i rock-glazbe u Vinkovcima i okolici. :335.
Val F.  2017.  Rockeros insurgentes, modernos complacientes: un análisis sociológico del rock en la Transición, 1975-1985.. Datautor. :623p..
Szatmary DP.  2019.  Rockin' in time . :xiv,370pages:.
Szatmary DP.  2019.  Rockin' in time . :xiv,370pages:.
Millen P.  2021.  Rockin' the city of churches : a history of recorded music in Adelaide in the 1960s /. :1volume:.
Shaylor A..  2011.  Rockin' : the rockabilly scene /. :188p.:.