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Libretto: An App for Reading Musicals

Doug Reside, Digital Curator of Performing Arts, New York Public Library, has released a promising mobile app called Libretto (link is external), a prototype open source, e-book reader for reading musicals. So far it is only available on Android devices. Libretto allows you to compare different versions of a musical--not only the text, but the music as well.

Paris Museum of Music Archives Online

The Paris-based Museum of Music keeps archives from luthiers, instrument makers and musicians. Several hundreds of these documents are now accessible online. These archives testify to evolutions both in instrument-making and in the musical scene during the 19th and 20th centuries. In particular, they comprise registers from Érard, Pleyel and Gaveau, from Nicolas Lupot, Gand and Bernardel’s instrument-making workshops, and they also include substantial correspondence between luthiers Chanot and Chardon. The main part of these archive collections - comprising extremely fragile documents, sometimes in poor condition - was digitized and uploaded for safe-keeping and accessibility purposes, as testimony.

Directory of South African Music Collections

As we read from our colleague Santie de Jongh on IAML-L earlier this week, there is a new resource from South Africa: the Directory of South African Music Collections (link is external). Its goal is to "collat[e] information on special music collections in South Africa in order to stimulate music research on South African materials in South Africa and internationally." It includes information from 37 institutions and will continue to grow.

Dispute between DIAMM and IMSLP

There is currently a major dispute going on between DIAMM (Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music) and IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) over the latter's copying of free manuscript images from DIAMM with consequent invalidations of DIAMM's contracts with some owning libraries. IMSLP is saying the images are out there so they are free to use but DIAMM says that because of this some libraries have already withdrawn images and others might well refuse to allow further digitization. There has been a lot of discussion on MLA-L and on the IMSLP forums. This needs to be brought to the attention of the international music librarian community and your reactions are welcome.


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