Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch / Journal de bord du Congrès

Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch 7: English (U.S.)

The formal program for a conference is only part of the story. The other crucial pieces are the setting in which it takes place, and the people one gets to spend a week with. This year's IAML/IMS conference was my first, and it excelled in all three areas. Music library conferences are always a bit like a family reunion, whether on the chapter, national, or international level, and I'm willing to bet we have more fun, and come away more personally and professionally energized, than many disciplines' major gatherings.

Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch 6: Nederlands/Dutch (The Netherlands)

Van 21 t.m. 27 juni was ik op het congres Music Research in the Digital Age van de International Musicological Society en de International Association of Music Libraries in New York. Het was een interessant en veelzijdig congres, en ik dacht: misschien aardig om wat te vertellen over het er anno 2015 aan toe gaat in een niet zo grote maar wel zeer levendige en internationale geesteswetenschappelijke discipline.

Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch 5: China

This is my second time to attend IAML conference. The same is, I learned so many new knowledge, obtained lots of valuable information. The difference is, I listened more speeches about musicology research, and be inspired about the relationship between music library and music research.

Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch 4: English (U.K.)

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to be able to attend the joint international conference of IAML/IMS (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres/International Musicological Society) which was held at the Juilliard School at the Lincoln Center, New York.

Congress Diary / Kongresstagebuch 3: Polski/Polish (Poland)

Kongres IAML/IMS 2015 w Nowym Jorku był wydarzeniem niezwykle ważnym dla środowiska bibliotekarzy muzycznych w Polsce. Po raz kolejny środowisko bibliotekarzy muzycznych z całego świata miało okazję do wymiany poglądów, wiedzy i pomysłów.


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