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Sexton P, Jagger M, Richards K, Oldham ALoog.  2022.  Charlie's good tonight : the life, the times, and the Rolling Stones : the authorized biography of Charlie Watts /. :xxiii,344pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Shadle DW.  2016.  Orchestrating the nation : the nineteenth-century American Symphonic Enterprise /. :ix,330pages:.
Shapey R.  2020.  How to teach composition in the secondary classroom : 50 inspiring ideas /. :1volume;.
Shapiro P.  2020.  Turn the beat around : the secret history of disco /. :xviii,350pages;.
Sharkey E.  2022.  Why Britain rocked : how rock became roll and took over the world /. :349pages;.
Sharp AT, Floyd JMichael.  2019.  Choral music : a research and information guide /. :1onlineresource..
Sharp J..  2012.  Mind the bollocks : a riotous rant through the ridiculousness of rock 'n' roll /. :187p.;.
Sharpe G.  2019.  Vinyl countdown . :1volume;.
Shaw JT.  2020.  Culturally responsive choral music education : what teachers can learn from nine students' experiences in three choirs /. :126pages:.
Shaw L.  2019.  The social history of the Brazilian samba . :1volume;.
Shaw JT.  2019.  Culturally responsive choral music education : what teachers can learn from nine students' experiences in three choirs /. :1volume:.
Shaw JM.  2022.  Following the drums : African American fife and drum music in Tennessee /. :1onlineresource(unpaged)..
Shaw M, Cleveland S, Woznicki LM, Peters C, Wertheimer ME, Testa M, McTyre RBoles, Feustle M, Sajewski M, Greene T et al..  2022.  Careers in music libraries IV . v. 39:x,408pages:.
Shaw L.  2013.  Carmen Miranda . :vi,158pages:.
Shaw-Miller S.  2021.  Improvision : orphic art in the age of Jazz /. :1onlineresource(336pages).
Shay A.  2019.  The Igor Moiseyev Dance Company : Dancing Diplomats /. :1onlineresource(x,224pages):.
Shaylor A..  2011.  Rockin' : the rockabilly scene /. :188p.:.
Shears B.  2018.  Play it like you sing it : the Shears collection of bagpipe culture and dance music from Nova Scotia /. :2volumes:.
Sheinbaum JJ.  2018.  Good music : what it is and who gets to decide /. :289pages;.
Sheinberg E, Dougherty WPatrick.  2020.  The Routledge handbook of music signification. :1onlineresource:.
Shelemay KKaufman..  2022.  Sing and Sing On : Sentinel Musicians and the Making of the Ethiopian American Diaspora.. :1onlineresource(469pages).
Shelton R, Thomson E, Humphries P..  2011.  No direction home : the life and music of Bob Dylan /. :359p.:.
Shelvock MT.  2020.  Cloud-based music production : sampling, synthesis, and hip-hop /. :1volume:.
Shen, Bo = 申波.  2015.  Gu yu tong shen = 鼓语通神: 云南少数民族鼓乐文化研究. :270.
Shennan J, Whitehead G, Askew S.  2015.  Jack!: celebrating Jack Body, composer. :256.