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Houlahan M, Tacka P.  2023.  Choral Sight-Reading : a Kodály perspective for middle school to college level choirs.. :xvii,355pages:.
Chatterjee S.  2023.  Choral voices : ethnographic imaginations of sound and sacrality /. :xvi,190pages:.
Fosbraey G.  2023.  Coastal environments in popular song : lost horizons /. :1onlineresource(viii,175pages)..
Kladder JR.  2023.  Commercial and popular music in higher education : expanding notions of musicianship and pedagogy in contemporary education /. :1onlineresource(xiv,122pages):.
Miller JL.  2023.  Community-based traditional music in Scotland : a pedagogy of participation /. :1onlineresource..
Weinstein A, Hallgren SW.  2023.  Composing for the screen . :xvi,211pages:.
Zhang B, Lam C-wah, Yuan J.  2023.  Comprehensive introduction to Chinese traditional music . Music volume:647pages:.
Silverberg AL.  2023.  A Contemporary History of the Chinese Zheng . :1onlineresource(253p.).
Jordan DDavid.  2023.  Coros y danzas : folk music and Spanish nationalism in the early Franco regime (1939-1953) /. :x,202pages:.
Ockelford A, Gray S, Cohen J, Mai M.  2023.  Count me in! : resources for making music inclusively with children and young people with learning difficulties.. :1onlineresource.
Kong S-hang.  2023.  Cultural capital and parental involvement : a comparison of students' music participation between Beijing and Hong Kong /. :1onlineresource(xv,163pages):.
Ho W-chung.  2023.  Culture, creativity, and music education in China : developments and challenges /. :1onlineresource..
LeRoy D.  2023.  Dancing to the drum machine : how electronic percussion conquered the world /. :1onlineresource(xxiv,302pages).
O'Connor N.  2023.  Dark waves : the synthesizer and the dystopian sound of Britain (1977-80) /. :xi,187pages;.
Lissy R.  2023.  Das Hofopernorchester als Konzertorchester : Wiener Philharmoniker 1842-1864 : der Beginn einer Ära /. :xxii,826pages:.
Lissy R..  2023.  Das Hofopernorchester als Konzertorchester. Wiener Philharmoniker 1842-1864 Der Beginn einer Ära.. :1onlineresource(854p.).
Klotz KAK.  2023.  Dave Brubeck and the performance of whiteness . :xi,301pages:.
Simon J.  2023.  Debt and redemption in the blues : the call for justice /. :243pages;.
Díaz NVaras, Wallach J, Clinton E, Araújo DNevárez.  2023.  Defiant sounds : heavy metal music in the Global South /. :1onlineresource..
Goodman KD.  2023.  Developing issues in world music therapy education and training : a plurality of views /. :xx,347pages:.
Zapke S, Fichna W.  2023.  Die Musik des Wiener Praters : eine liederliche Träumerei : unbekannte Lieder aus zwei Jahrhunderten /. :278Seiten:.
Carrico A, Grennell K.  2023.  Disability and accessibility in the music classroom : a teacher's guide /. :1onlineresource..
Størvold T.  2023.  Dissonant landscapes : music, nature, and the performance of Iceland /. :198pages:.
Bailey T.  2023.  Do you remember? : celebrating 50 years of Earth, Wind & Fire / :ix,263pages:.
Bilton A.  2023.  Dora Bright : her life and works in the public eye /. :xx,240pages:.