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CAML Conference Diary #2

Katherine Penner reflects on her experience at the recent conference of the Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (CAML). Undergraduate Services Librarian at the University of Manitoba, Katherine was the recipient of CAML’s First-Time Attendee Award for this year’s conference. She has also just become a member of the CAML Board in the role of Secretary. 

IAML Update: IAML-ICTM-IMS joint conference in Abu Dhabi

This was the first-ever joint conference of IAML, ICTM, and IMS, and we were hosted by Ginny Danielson (head of NYU Abu Dhabi’s library and previously the head of Harvard University’s music library) and her colleagues. NYU Abu Dhabi Institute sponsored the event, which was limited to 30-35 participants due to various resource constraints. Given this limit, the three societies decided to invite 7 to 8 participants each and then encourage as much regional participation as possible. IAML has few members indeed from this part of the world and has not yet connected the way we would like to in this region, so especially with this in mind, the conference was an important event for our Association. And what an event it was!


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