Fontes - Advertising Manager

Dear IAML members,

Our long-time Advertising Manager, Sarah Canino, has asked us to search for a replacement. If you are interested in this position or have questions about the duties, please contact me.

Thank you.

Maureen Buja

Advertising Manager:


  • Serve as contact for all inquiries regarding advertising in the organization's journal FONTES ARTIS MUSICAE.
  • Provide information to potential advertisers. Seek out new advertisers at appropriate professional meetings such as the Music Library Association, American Musicological Society, IAML, and other annual meetings.
  • Keep track of ad programs established with each advertiser.
  • Prompt regarding ad deadlines.
  • Act as go-between concerning questions and problems between advertiser and publisher.
  • Liaise with Treasurer concerning billing and related issues.
  • Update rate cards.


  • Good oral and written communication, administrative, and computer skills essential.
  • Familiarity with a variety of computer software programs and e-mail essential.
  • Must have regular access to networked computer.
  • Ability to understand English is essential, knowledge of French and German desirable.
  • Must have vision for the direction and goals of the organization and the ad program with it. Useful to have a good sense of the symbiotic relationship between music librarians and music vendors.

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