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Photos from IAML 2017 Congress in Riga

Photographs from the IAML 2017 congress in Riga are now online from IAML's Flickr page. Enjoy these photos, which are courtesy of the National Library of Latvia.

Opening reception:

Photographer: Krists Luhaers

Opening session and first day:

Photographer: Krists Luhaers

Concert with State Choir LATVIJA:

Photographer: Krists Luhaers

Farewell dinner:

Photographer: Jānis Ozols

We would like to thank the National Library of Latvia for providing these photos for us to post.

If you have photos you would like to share, please send them to webeditor@iaml.info and we can add them to a IAML Flickr album.

If you see a photo of yourself that you do not want online, contact webeditor@iaml.info and the photo will be removed.

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