Kate Sloss leaves Trinity College of Music, London

Kate Sloss has left Trinity College of Music, London, where she was Chief Librarian for five years. Since her appointment the library at Trinity has been transformed from a pre-automated, and severely limited, service, to become a fully-automated, modern music library, offering a range of electronic resources as well as incorporating major additions to stock and services. During her time at Trinity, Kate also initiated the Music Libraries Online project, which has been working to create a virtual union catalogue for music in the UK. Kate will continue to direct the project until May 2001, but otherwise has left music librarianship behind her in her move to the London School of Economics. Her work over the past five years has made a lasting contribution both to Trinity and to the world of music librarianship. Trinity hope to appoint Kate's successor before the end of the year; the new Librarian will be responsible for overseeing the move of the library, with the rest of Trinity, into its new home in Greenwich in summer 2001.

Marian Hogg (Music Libraries Online and Trinity College of Music, London)